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Darkness Over Daggerford Walkthrough - Part II

Daggerford Docks

Three vessels are currently docked at Daggerford: The Flying Fish, The Barracuda and a ship emblazoned with Shoreside Shipping Consortium.

Scopin' out da docks

Captain Turgat of the Flying Fish has observed oddities surrounding the Barracuda.

Head north along the Docks and purchase Fillian's famous Brew from Fillian himself (-24 GP).

The Barracuda is being guarded by two thick-as-bricks half-orc crewmen. Slip them a mickey or simply use social skills to bamboozle them. I pretended to be flu-stricken and sneezed on them violently, causing the half-orcs to drop the cabin key on the deck as they jumped ship!

The moonlit Barracuda

Step inside the cabin.

Barracuda Captain's Cabin

Captain Herab isn't home? Read the last log entry in the ledger sitting on the captain's desk (the Shoreside Shipping Consortium Records). You will discover that arms and armor are being delivered to orcs in exchange for gold and slaves. Astriel will be keen to hear about this.

A trio of Griffon Guards will step in and confront you. Bluff, persuade, bribe or simply slay them.

(griffon guard x3, +31 Exp ea) 

Note how you don't receive an experience point bonus for resolving an encounter non-violently. You should.

Loot the captain's chest for Fencer's Grace (light armor, Bonus Feat: Whirlwind Attack, Parry/Tumble +2, Cat's Grace [3] 3/day) (DT DC-23, OL DC-23). This item sells for a small fortune.

There's actually a Shoreside vessel docked along the pier. Bash down or unlock the cabin door (OL DC-12).

Shoreside Shipping Cabin

Slay the crew members who flank you upon entry. Loot the orc-bound cargo consisting of basic weapons, armor and random treasures.

(crew member x2, +65 Exp ea)

Now, two side quests can be snapped up on the Docks. The first is obtained from Fernigold the Elder in the south, whose treasure-hunting son has gone missing (Quest: Fernigold the Younger).
Aww, cute lil' seagull

See the two ratbags nearby? It seems Klevtor gave Fernigold's son a fake map to lead him on a wild goose chase. Request a copy of the map in whatever tone you deem appropriate.

The second side quest is obtained from Erik the Fin in the north (Quest: The Missing Chest). The foolish fellow seems to have dropped his chest into the Delimbiyr river, west of Daggerford.

Docks loot: Just by the River Gate is a locked chest holding random rubbish (DC-18). There is also a black barrel behind the guard tower in the northwest, holding random treasure.

Return to Astriel and inform her of what you have learned about the Barracuda's cargo (Completed Quest: Strange Cargos, +1001 Exp).

Your third assignment is to speak with locals who accompanied the Duke on the hunt in which he was allegedly slain by a wild boar (Quest: The Suspicious Death of Duke Greatshout).

Booze loosens the tongue so lets head over to the Happy Cow Tavern to have a yarn with the bar flies. The tavern is located in the southeast, near the Farmer's Gate.

Happy Cow Tavern

Speak with the drunken female dwarf with a funny name, Demetira Landscraper. You will learn the Duke's spear was sabotaged and his body was not even positively ID'd, raising suspicion further.

Again, this is info for Astriel. But lets take a break from the plot to explore the city a bit in search of side quests.

Side Questing & Exploring

As on the Docks, two side quests may be snapped up here at the inn. First, remember the farmer who approached you outside the Chateau Elite Inn? Well, the spokesman whom he wanted you to meet, Hevesar Dimpet, is standing in the common room (Completed Quest: There be Trouble Down on the Farm). Hevesar will request you rendezvous at the Holdfast Inn of Liam's Hold to investigate suspected cattle rustling in the Wild Pastures (Quest: Cattle Rustling around Daggerford).

Second, a veiled halfling by the name of Burnas Tellrot will request you hear the tale of Peredus the Great from the bard on the opposite side of the common room (Quest: Peredus the Great).

Jorey will gladly tell the tale of Peredus the Great in verse.

Burnas thinks the great sword of Peredus is still up for grabs, requesting you meet him in the farmlands to the west of Daggerford, by the well.

Your companions will remark on the sights as you stroll around the city.

Red: hostile encounters

Our gnomish rogue is itching to burglarize the homes, so lets see what's there for the taking.

Wealthy Artiste Studio

Two thieves are already in the process of robbing the place! Slay 'em.

Here, I cast ILMS

Parker (+90 Exp): Recipes for Knaves, Average Blob of Acid Trap Kit, Deadly Acid Splash Trap Kit, Thieves' Tools +3, Spider Venom, Average.
Barrow (+90 Exp): Rapier +1, Average Spike Trap Kit, Strong Tangle Trap Kit, Leather Dye, Black, Metal Dye, Black, Fire Opal, Greenstone, Spider Venom, Average, 59 GP.
Cabinet (OL DC-35): gold necklace, silver ring.

Have Purfbin unlock the door to the master suite (DC-25).

Chest (DT DC-15, OL DC-36): sapphire, gold ring and 425 GP.
Chest of Drawers (OL DC-35): 75 GP, Potion of Lore. 

Note: You may safely rest in unmarked buildings once they are cleared of enemies.

Ok, lets continue our raids to see what other trouble we can get into!
Dwarven Home

Here, a violent axe-wielding dwarf will attack you, backed up by three crossbow-dwarves. They were roasted by my casting of Fireball and hacked to bits by Raegen.

Eat this, midgets!

Karragh (+140 Exp): Potion of Bull's Strength, gold ring, emerald.
Karragh's Mate x3 (+43 Exp ea).

Chest (DT DC-23, OL DC-23): Penfall's Pot (Listen -1, Int +1, saves vs. Sonic +2). 

Herein lurks a hostile Red Wizard of Thay: Ilkor. He will animate a skeleton warrior and summon a shadow mastiff in an inept display for someone of his supposed calibre.

(Ilkor +560 Exp, Creech [familiar] +43 Exp, skeleton warrior +140 Exp)


CrateTinder of the Mendicant (+10% fire immunity, +10% cold vulnerability, on-hit Flaming Hide [5], Flame Weapon [3] unlimited/day). This armor sells for a small fortune.

Ok, we're done with our raids. Lets check out the various vendors and snap up some more side quests.

Lathander's Temple

Priest Liam Sunmist requests you meet up with a herbalist at Gillian's Hill in order to investigate the outbreak of vampirism there (Quest: The Truth About Vampires).

Note: By night on the streets you can talk to a young girl about vampires.

Donate gold to Liam to receive Lathandar's Blessing (Elemental Shield).

Choice items: Belt of Guiding Light (Immunity: Death Magic), Greater Shield of Dawn (+5 Shield AC vs. undead), Girdle of Holy Might (Bonus Cleric Spell 5-7), Monk's Belt (Improved Critical, Weapon Specialization: Unarmed, Haste [3] 1/day, monk only), Gloves of the Yellow Rose +4 (AB +4, +1 electrical), Gloves of the Balanced Hands (Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon Fighting), Vestaments of Faith (DR 5/+5, good only), Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Evil (+5 Deflection AC vs. Evil), Shining Light of Lathander (greatsword, +2, Searing Light [5] 1/day), Ring of Holiness (Bonus Cleric Spell 0-4), Quarterstaff +4, Ring of Protection +4, Ring of Regeneration (+4), Saintsblood Pearl (Cure Wounds & Restoration, charges/use).

Chauntea's Shrine 

Priestess Maerovyna informs you of a grain shortage treatening the region, requesting that you check in on Fernd who runs the mill in the farmlands, to the east (Quest: The Mad Miller).

Donate gold to Maerovyna to receive the Earthmother's Blessing (One with the Land).

Choice items: Greater Amulet of Health (Immunity: Disease, Poison, Level/Ability Drain, Regen +1), Ring of Regeneration (+4), Ring of Freedom of Movement, Nature's Scythe (+1, +4 vs. Human), Ring of Protection +4, Cloak of Protection +4, Amulet of Vitality +4, Bracers of Armor +4, Boots of Hardiness +3, Cloak of Resistance +3.

Note how in dialogue she did not actually draw attention to my trade; but, if you choose another dialogue response you will not receive the quest.

Stop Hole Abbey 

Vladmyr is an antiques dealer and the loan shark to whom Davey's father owes 500 GP. To square things up Vlad gives you a fake portrait of the Duke and requests you switch it with the real one owned by a rival dealer (Torleth), whose shop is at Gillian's Hill. This isn't just about theft, though: when Torleth puts up the fake for auction it will hurt his reputation (Quest: An Uncommon Criminal).

Note the exhibits in the dealership; they can be clicked on to bring up extensive and amusing lore. Very impressive.

Only Rogue and Monk builds may access Vlad's store. 

Choice items: Greater Mask of Persuasion (Cha +2, Persuade +5, Concentration +1), Rogue Links (Hide +6, Move Silently +6), Robes of the Darkmoon (Haste), Robes of the Old Order (DR 5/+1), Amulet of Natural Armor +3, Ring of Protection +3, traps. 

Sorceller's Encapsulate

Unless you have levels in Wizard, Bard or Sorcerer the mageling will not give you the key to the upper floor (tower).

The staircase leads to the tower and arcane vendor, a Polymorphing Wizard who is scripted to constantly shift between a variety of forms, from the basest creatures up to the mithril golem and red dragon. It's quite amusing to watch.

Choice items: Belt of Guiding Light (Immunity: Death Magic), Wondrous Gloves (Wis -1, Bonus Bard Spell 0-3), Golden Circlet (Immunity: Mind-affecting spells), Concentration +1, Will saves +1, SR 10), Greater Battle Robe (AC vs. Evil +2, Concentration +3, Spellcraft +3, SR 14), White Robe of the Archmagi (Armor Bonus +5, Spell Penetration, all saves +1, SR 10), Cloak of Resistance +5, Nymph Cloak +5, Cloak of Displacement (Displacement [9] unlimited/day), Cape of the Firebath (Fire resistance 10/-, all saves +2), Amulets of Electrical, Cold, Fire and Acid Resistance (Resist element 20/-), Ring of Power (Regen +1, Electrical, Fire, Cold resistance 15/-, Freedom), Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Clear Thought +5 (Int +5), Bag of Holding

There is hint of a future quest involving Delfen Yellowknife. Head downstairs to the library and the Scribe will welcome you.

Loot the library shelves for a a couple of random scrolls and interesting books: History of Daggerford (you already have this), Trade Way Travel Stops (see Darkness Over Daggerford - Part III), Illefarn and Beware the Lizard Marsh!

These are well-written and worth taking the time to read. In a side chamber sits a large tome that tells the tale of Daggerford's Devil, Gorgormorz.

Derval's Bright Blade

To no surprise the smithy is run by a dwarf. Bring him any artifacts you find and he will forge magical weapons from them. This section to be updated when I find some.

Here are the ones I have found, thus far:
Broken Ice Blade Hilt: Found on the corpse of Loru, in the Mill Cave in the Eastern Farmlands.
Glowing Flail Shaft (Last Rest light flail): Found on a searchable table in Torleth's Treasures at Gillian's Hill.
Glowing Flail Head (Last Rest light flail): Found on the corpse of Daxiong in the crypt, also at Gillian's Hill.

Choice items: Greater Swordman's Belt (Slashing resist 20/-), Greater Brawler's Belt (Bludgeoning resist 20/-), Greater Archer's Belt (Piercing resist 20/-), Armors +5, Weapons +2 and +3 (some), Shield +4.

Back to the Main Quest

Ok, we return to Astriel to confim her suspicion - that the Duke's death was no accident - and to receive a new lead. (Completed Quest: The Suspicious Death of Duke Greatshout, +0 Exp) (Quest: The Black Stone Inn).

Make your way back to the Black Stone Inn and descend to the cellar. 

Black Stone Inn Cellar

Note: If you try to rest in the cellar you will be mobbed by packs of rats (+11 Exp ea).

Have Purfbin unlock the three doors to the storage rooms (OL DC-8) (The fourth door needs a key which we'll get soon). Next, have Purfbin detrap and unlock the various receptacles (OL DC 5-23, DT DC 10-15). You should come up with the following notable treasure: Bloody Longblade +2 (bastard sword, on-hit DC-14 wounding), Gloves of the Yellow Rose +2 (monk only), Crossbow +1, Shortbow +1, Fire Arrows (quiver x99, +1d6 fire), Full Plate, diamond.

Note: If Purfbin does not move to disable a trap simply put him in "Guard Me" mode.

Now, move to the storage room in the south and equip the Rod of Detection to reveal a trap door leading down to a secret room.

Secret Room

Loot the unlocked chest for a note and the sewer key.

Supply Crate (DC-22): Ring of Forceshield (Deflection AC +2, not usable by Wizard or Sorcerer), Cloak of the Bat (Deflection AC +2, Darkvision, Hide +10, Immunity: Darkness), Scarab of Protection +2, Average Fire Trap Kit, Potion of Invisibility, Healer's Kit +3, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, scrolls of Expeditious Retreat and Flame Arrow.

Clamber the ladder back to the cellar and use the key on the western door that leads to the sewers.

Black Stone Inn Sewers

You have infiltrated a hideout of the Zhentarim, several agents for which attack you on-sight. 

I buffed my companions with Mage Armor, Flame Weapon, Displacement and Stoneskin; then unleashed my opener of choice at the rival wizard, burning him to a crisp. With the Zhent corpses littering the floor, loot the large chest for the Zhentarim Note and 412 GP.

Fear fire, foes!

(zhentarim warrior x2 +65 Exp ea, zhentarim agent x2 +11 Exp ea, zhentarim wizard +140 Exp, zhentarim crossbowmen x2 +31 Exp ea)

Remains: Ring of Hiding (Hide +6), Belt of Agility +2, Healer's Kit +6, Strong Acid Splash Trap Kit, Potion of Invisibility, scroll of Darkness.

As you leave the inn you will witness Griffon mercs catching up with escapee Wikkers, whom they slay on the spot, and loot for some kind of book, before hurrying off to inform Dratharion. Well, I guess the lockdown on Daggerford is about to be lifted!

Step over the corpse and head back to Astriel to inform her of your encounter with the Black Network (Completed Quest: The Black Stone Inn, +501 Exp).

Suddenly, there will be a knock at the door and a man outside will pretend to be delivering oils and perfume. Astriel will be upset that you were tailed by the Zhentarim, assassins for whom will kick down the door and move in on their marks!

 Yes, every single D&D game must make mention of the Tarrasque!

(zhentarim warrior x2 +65 Exp ea, zhentarim wizard +140 Exp) You know, it would have been cool if this trio actually were assassins, complete with paralysis attacks and venomous weapons..

With the battle over and Astriel's cover blown, she will give you the other half of your payment and advise you to seek out the farmers at Liam's Hold, before hurrying off to an uncompromised location (Completed Quest: Amara Leontyne, +2,501 Exp, 250 GP) (Quest: Astriel Takes Flight).

With the lockdown lifted and all quests obtained, the party is ready to access the world map and explore the outskirts of Daggerford.

Party Level: 8 (we are soon to gain a level)
Party Wealth: 76,000 gold pieces (The party has bought nothing at this stage, though there are some items we have our eye on..)

Ok, so.. just like in Baldur's Gate there are lots of quests to sink your teeth into. We have completed eight quests so far and have ten under our sleeve as we venture out to the overworld.

Coming up in Darkness Over Daggerford - Part III: The overworld!


Completed Quest on the Trade Way: The Story So Far. Completed Quests in Daggerford: Detained in Daggerford, Play the Spy for Captain Frederick, There be Trouble Down on the Farm, Strange Cargos, The Suspicious Death of Duke Greatshout, The Black Stone Inn, Amara Leontyne. Completed optional hostilities: Wealthy Artiste Studio, Dwarven Home, Flophouse.

Incomplete Quests: Border Dispute, Fernigold the Younger, The Missing Chest, Cattle Rustling Around Daggerford, Peredus the Great, The Truth About Vampires, The Mad Miller, An Uncommon Criminal, Astriel Takes Flight, Talarenne.


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