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Bastard of Kosigan: Exile of the West Walkthrough - Part VI

Prinzen Stadt, Köln: The City of Cologne
(Part III)

Palace of the Prince of Cologne

Swing by the Palace, make your way to the corridor in the west wing and ascend the stairs to the private palatial chambers. In the hall you will overhear voices coming from one of the rooms; step inside to find Willie Stein talking with Eowen von Köln, the daughter of Prince Karl.

Willie reveals that the witches intend not only to defeat the Inquisition, but also bring down the Catholic Church itself! She laments the Old World of magic diminishing as a result of the Church and Inquisition (+300 Exp). When Willie takes her leave, speak with Eowen.

Eowen is a student of Willie and Karen's replacement. She requests that you steal a dagger hidden in her father's office, but to do so undetected you must first retrieve a cloak from Willie's house, guarded by soldiers of the Inquisition. Eowen will hand you Willie Stein's House Key and send you off to do her dirty work (Quest: Cloak & Dagger).

Take your leave of the Palace and exit the gate to the Eastern Suburbs of Cologne. Willie's house is the first on your left. Use the key to enter and slay the Inquisitors inside, looting the Bastard Sword of Fire from the Officer's mangled corpse. Finally, a decent weapon for me to wield! (Attack Bonus +2, Fire +1d6.)

Loot the invisible chest for the Ancient Elven Cloak of Invisibility (Improved Invisiblity [7] 5 charges/use, Hide +6, Move Silently +5) and return to Eowyn who will have procured Prince Karl's Office Key in the meantime (+500 Exp).

Head downstairs, make your way to the door at the eastern end of the throne room, then have Diane disable the DC-20 trap on it. Don the cloak, cast Improved Invisibility on yourself, open the door with the key Eowen gave you, and then sneak past the patrolling knight into Prince Karl's office. The knight will attack you on-sight if he spots you. He is a difficult duel, but slaying him yields a set of Enibelungen Armor (heavy mithril armor, Armor Bonus +2, DR 5/+1).

Once in the office, have Diane disable the DC-15 floor trap and then slay the Guardian that spawns (+347 Exp). Next, have her unlock the DC-34 wall-mounted painting and loot the Ancient Sacrificial Dagger from the secret stash behind it (on-hit DC-14 Slay alignment Lawful Good, on-hit DC-14 Wounding, evil only). The desk holds a bar of mithril and the cabinet and chest of drawers hold a selection of healing items.

Note: Yannia neither accepts the dagger nor the cloak as catalytic objects. Bug? See Unsolved Mysteries section at the end of this post.

Return to Eowen and present the dagger to her (+800 Exp).

Also upstairs, Master Morian Ster may be found in a chamber in the south. He will request you bring him Pink Moonflowers, one each of which is found on these maps: Northern Forest of the Wolves, The Dark Grove, and Farther Along the Northern Road. There may also be others. (Quest: Searching for Pink Moonflowers, +150 Exp ea, 500 GP ea).

Ok, it's time to raid the cellar of the Chapter House in search of Gertrūd von Baum. As per Maximilian's instructions, head to the Eastern Suburbs of Cologne and make your way to the old mill in the southeast. Use Detect Mode to reveal a hidden door leading underground...

You will find yourself in a dimly lit tunnel. Slay the plague of rats and the mob of mummies en route to the tunnel's end, where you will spot another secret door leading into the cellar.

Chapter House Cellar

The cellar consists of eight prison cells branching off a central torture chamber. Make a butcher's shop out of the Inquisition soldiers and loot the Lieutenant's corpse for the Prison Key that opens the cells.

Lurking in the central cell of the northern wall is a Paladin of the Holy Guard of the Night posing as the witch we're looking for, Gertrūd. Give her a good thrashing for the Helmet of the Holy Guard of the Night (Darkvision, Deflection AC +1, Discipline +4, Spot +4).

Imprisoned in the northern cell of the eastern wall is Greta Hunger, Max's daughter. Have her follow along (+600 Exp). The southern cell of the same wall holds Nina Mūguel, the worker from the Cozy Kitten that Frau Claudia sent you to find. She will be used to testify against the Cardinal (+200 Exp).

A Mad Mage will talk a whole lot of nonsense to you from within the southern cell of the northern wall. Put him out of his misery.

Francesco is a Half-orc imprisoned in the western cell of the western wall. Let the blockhead tag along.

The real Gertrūd is imprisoned down a short corridor in an isolated cell, guarded by two Inquisitors. Slay them and save the witch's ass (Quest: Find the Other Witches, +1,200 Exp).

The Clochette won't work down here, so take the southern door up to a sealed-off corridor in the Chapter House itself, and fast travel out from there.

Ok, tell Francesco to stop following you or he will become really annoying (+100 Exp).
Return Greta to her father, the gnome architect: +500 Exp and either 5,000 GP or the Wand of Angulf Aar (Hammer of the Gods [7], 5 charges/use).
Return Nina to Claudia (Completed Quest: Find Nina Mūguel, +500 Exp, 1,000 GP).
Return Gertrūd to the waterfall cave and ask for a reward: Black Silk Gloves (Bonus Sorcerer Spell: L3, Darkness [3] 1/day, Finger of Death [13], single use, Bard/Sorc/Wiz only).

Next, it's time to find and free the kidnapped children!

The Street of the Black Horses

Slay the private guard guarding the front door to House No. 3, then loot his corpse for the house key and Double Bladed Ark of Goreth (double-bladed sword, Attack Bonus +2, 1d6 cold vs. human, Keen).

Inside is empty, or so it seems...

Diane will disable the traps on the floor and unlock the black chest holding the Grey Key, 1098 GP and random treasure. Rummage through the armoire and you will discover a secret door and trapped stairs leading down to the cellar.

Note: I have no idea what the Grey Key is for. It isn't needed in House No. 3. I thought it might open the chest in the Cardinal's library, but no. See Unsolved Mysteries section at the end of this post

Slay the three enormous hell hounds guarding the cellar and take their hides. You will find ten children being held in the cells. Free them for +100 exp each.

Head back upstairs and you will find Luigi Bella Nova has returned home. Tell him you killed the door guard and released the children and Luigi will suddenly stab you in the guts. Slap him around until he surrenders (+100 Exp); then demand his testimony against the Cardinal (+200 Exp).  Luigi will be automatically taken to the Palace and put under lock and key by Prince Karl. You will find a note on the floor in the house that makes it clear one of the children was to be used as a sacrifice in the Cardinal's ritual.

Return to the Palace and inform Prince Karl of your success in freeing the kidnapped children (Completed Quest: The Missing Children, +0 Exp, +3,000 GP). The Prince will refer you to Bishop Heinrich von Ruhe, explaining that the Bishop is in charge of the ecclesiastical courts and justice will be carried out in the name of the Church.

Report your success to the Bishop and inform him that you have people willing to testify against the Cardinal (+200 Exp). The Bishop will explain that the testimonies are welcome "but only supportive" in a suit against a Grand Inquisitor. We will need to advance the plot in order to bring the Convincing the Inquisition to Leave quest to a conclusion.

That means finding our last witch, Laura Stein!

Foul Smelling Sewers
Remember the old ruined wagon outside Yannia's house, behind the crate stacks? Destroy it to reveal a manhole that leads down to the sewers (you can also access the sewers from the manhole in the Low District or from the cave accessible from the trap door in the Southern Suburbs).

Head north from the starting point, slaying rats, bats and spiders. Lumbering around in the northwest is the orilynx that Yannia warned you about: a custom Grey Render with True Seeing and a few other tricks up its sleeve. You know what to do.

Laura Stein is wandering about in the central north (+300 Exp). With the orilynx dead she is able to use her powers to join Yannia in the waterfall cave (Quest: Find the Other Witches, +500 Exp). We'll join the witches there after we're done clearing out the sewers.

Slay lots of spiders, break their webs and loot and smash their cocoons en route to the southeasternmost chamber. Use Detect Mode to reveal the secret door on the southern wall.

Foul Smelling Sewers: Second Level
Bandits lurk down here. Slay them en route to their lair in the south, guarded by Heckel & Jeckel - an ettin. Knock the two-headed beast on its heads and enter the lair, where it seems Gunthar von HeiligheitKirsten Nahelbraun and Toth are just standing around like idiots waiting for someone to come kill them and take their stuff. So, kill them and then take their stuff.

The Bandit Chief's Key is found on Gunthar's corpse. Use it to bypass the barrier and gain access to the bandit's ill-gotten treasury. Beware the traps, especially the tube that gives off an intense cold: within its proximity it will inflict 100+ cold damage and paralyze you. You can destroy the tube from range with bow or spell, but that doesn't quell the cold aura. You will have to pass a very difficult DC-30 Fort. save vs. cold check to loot the tube for Glide (Attack Bonus +3, +2d8 cold, Keen), a very cool short sword.

The central chest fires magic at you each time you bash it (the Fighter's Cloak bestows immunity to Magic Missile). In addition to the Tei Kuigi (katana, Attack Bonus +1, +1d6 elect), it's holding an assortment of precious gems and jewels: a gold necklace, a diamond, an emerald, five sapphires, ten garnets, ten Gems of Angel Blood (that sell for a small fortune) and a Lesser Ioun Stone: Scarlet & Blue (Int +2).

Lastly, swipe the wicked scythe lodged in the weapon rack: The Reaper (scythe, Attack Bonus +3, +1d6 slashing, Keen, Mass crits +2d6).

Ok, all witches of the Sénacle Lunaire coven have been found! Lets head back to the waterfall cave and prepare ourselves for the Finale!

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