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Bastard of Kosigan: Exile of the West Walkthrough - Part III

Southern Suburbs of Cologne

The city of Cologne is just to the north, but first there are a few points of interest on this map.
A Fisherman in the southeast is missing his fishing pole and requests you find it for him (Quest: Find the Missing Fishing Pole). Just to the west is a Little girl reading a book. Listen to her about the Bible and then ask her to translate your conversation with the Little boy skipping a stone. The boy will kick you in the shin and run off to the barn in the north. Follow him and persuade him to reveal the fishing pole's location: under the hay in one of the cow stalls. Bash down the closest stall gate to you and the cow will briefly attack. Let it come out of the stall and calm down, then loot the Ancient Fishing Pole (quarterstaff, +2, on-hit DC-14 Daze, SR 12) from the hay and return it to the fisherman, or not - it's up to you, but I would hang onto it and give it to Yannia later in the campaign! (Completed Quest: Find the Missing Fishing Pole, +300 Exp).

In the northwestern corner of the map is a trap door leading to a cave near the suburbs. In this cave is a hidden wall door (use Detect Mode) that leads to the north-central section of the Foul Smelling Sewers under Cologne. The other door leads to the north-western section of the sewers, along the path guarded by the mighty orilynx Yannia warned you about. However, after treasure hunting (see below) I shall be entering Cologne through the front gates; thereby leaving exploration of the sewers for another time.
Ok, when you first arrive on the map you will recognize your first landmark from the Treasure Map you looted in the kobold-devil caves; it is that of a hollow tree.

As per the map's directions, head west into mountains.

The Green Mountains

The white line is the general path to follow
Here you will immediately discover the second landmark, a forked tree. Slay the duo of ettins who assail you and then raid the ettin cave nearby, slaying a second duo and looting the cave for a pure crystal (it is of no significance), a tiger skin and a thousand gold pieces. You may safely rest in here.

Make your way west and descend into the Valley of Cascades; then head north along the length of the valley.

To your east is a hostile... Adult Green Dragon. I mean, really? A dragon just outside of Cologne with neither rhyme nor reason? No lore, no quest, no nothing. It's just there, waiting to kill or be killed. Srsly, that just smacks of frivolous design in comparison to what I've seen so far (which, it must be said, has been great, and gets even better when you reach Cologne).

Anyway, at tenth level this acid-breather will take some killin'! Quaff a Potion of Clarity (bought from Yannia) to ward off its DC-24 fear aura and slay it for +525 Exp, 3876 GP, Amulet of the Long Death +1 (Imm: Level/Ability Drain, SR 14, Evil only), Belt of Hill Giant Strength (Str +3), Dragon's Blood and Longsword +1.

To the west of the valley is an elf druid guarding a circle where three menhirs stand.

The druid circle will turn hostile if you enter their sanctuary, so speak to the nameless elf first (it miffed me that this elf had no name). He will tell you the treasure map was made by Kougor Beershaft, a Mage-Knight of the Order of the Trident, who wanted to cast out the elves and rule over the Green Mountains with an iron fist. Before he passed away Kougor built an extra-dimensional mausoleum and left clues and maps to lure treasure-seeking adventurers into finding it, hoping they would desecrate the druid's menhirs in the process. How devious!

To receive the next clue, persuade the elf to take the map to the nearby menhirs.

"Go in the direction of Rome until you reach the crystal rainbow..." (+500 Exp)

Head south of the druids and slay the bugbear pack standing outside a cave flitting with vampire bats. You can rest safely in the cave when it's been cleansed.

There is another bugbear pack and a formidable Rakshasa duo close by, a male and a female (+302 Exp, +111 Exp). The male sports damage reduction and concealment, making him a stubborn opponent. Loot their corpses for the Tunic of Polymorph (Polymorph [7]) and the An 'Atmeline katana (+2, +1d6 dmg vs. Neutral, Barkskin [3] 1/day).

Head to the southwest of the map to find a large crystal jutting up out of the ground. There you will receive your next clue.

Ascend the central hill, climb the rope and interact with the carved rock at the summit. The presented options for assuming the position of a priest at the time of his ordination are incorrect: choose one at your peril! You will need to consult with the Priest (Pietr) back at the waterfall cave.

Pietr will happily inform you of the correct position. Return to the carved rock and choose the fourth option (+400 Exp). You will receive your final clue!

Return to the Valley of Cascades, approach the third cascade of water and enter the mausoleum by means of the swarm of butterflies.

Kougor Beershaft's Mausoleum

Ok, it's time for some undead hunting; prepare yourself, this place is no cakewalk.

You begin in a central chamber with four locked cells branching off it and a door to the north that you should leave until last.

Loot the bone piles on the eastern wall and a skeleton warrior and two skeleton chieftains will spawn for you to slay. You can find a Ring of Thieves +1 (Dex +1, Disable Trap & Open Lock +5) just resting on the floor here.

Gargoyles may animate on either side of the sphinx tomb on the southern wall, but they should pose no threat.

Bash down (or unlock) the northeastern cell door and slay the undead inside, a warrior from beyond the tomb. Loot its chest for random treasures.

Next, open the northwestern cell door and slay the mummy lurking within. Beware the fear aura. Loot its chest for random treasure: I received Full Plate +2.
Next, open the southwestern cell door and slay a second warrior from beyond the tomb. Loots its chest for random treasure and be sure to bash the sarcophagus to pieces, otherwise the vampires we're slaying in the final cell will simply respawn from it, over and over.

Finally, open the southeastern door and slay the vampire and formidable vampire mage (+481 Exp). Beware of the latter's domination gaze and elemental invocations. If you still have the Potion of Energy Absorption from the kobold-devil caves, now is the time to use it.

Ok, we're ready to take the final door in the north. As you cross the bridge over a chasm you will be flanked by a skeleton chieftain, ghoul lord and shadow fiend. When you turn to face them you will be flanked by two undead knights from the other direction. Slay them and loot the knights' corpses for a Black Helmet (Deflection AC +1, Discipline +4, Search +2), Black Half Plate Armor (heavy armor, Bonus Cleric Spell: L1) and Greatsword of the Undead Knights (+1 attack & dmg, +1d6 acid vs. Chaotic). Continue over the chasm and a curst ranger, shadow fiend and skeleton chieftain will assail you. Slay them.

Note: the spawns are actually randomised, but always non-trivial undead.

Left: the first spawn; Right: reverse angle, the flank
At the end of the elevated path you will arrive in the final chamber containing the glowing tomb of Kougor Beershaft himself. Attempt to loot the sarcophagus and Kougor will spawn, hostile. Slay the undead sorcerer (+173 Exp) and loot the Black and Silver Sorcerer's Robe from his corpse (DR 5/+1, Bonus Sorcerer Spell: L3)

He will not respawn, but destroy the sarcophagus anyway and loot it for 11,435 GP, Ring of Natan-Lanten (Regen +1, SR 12), Amulet of the Cold Lord (Bonus Feat: Extra Turning, Imm: Level/Ability drain) and Amulet of the Elves (Dex +1, Bonus Feat: Point Blank Shot, Darkvision)

Loot the lesser chests behind the obelisk for random treasures, then leave by means of the swarm of undead butterflies.

To your dismay you will emerge inside the druid circle, desecrating the menhirs! Kougor will taunt you from beyond the grave as five elven druids attack you! Slay them and their dire tiger

Loot the corpse of the "main" elf druid for the Elven Ring of Life (Regen +1, Cure Moderate Wounds 3, 2/day) and Leaves of Olianor (armor, Bonus Druid Spells: L2, 3, 4).

So, it seems our treasure hunt has been a success! Return to Derich to identify the stuff and sell off what you don't need, in preparation for our journey to Cologne. 

Next Up:

Prinzen Stadt, Kรถln: The City of Cologne

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