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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Call of Pripyat - Absolute Textures & AtmosFear 3


Visual mods for Call of Pripyat begin with AtmosFear 3, Absolute Nature 3 and Absolute Structures, from this guy. Full-scale mods include their own assets, but this setup is recommended if you just want to jazz up the base-game.

Before and After Comparison Pics

Default Call of Pripyat, bland with minimal draw distance:

Call of Pripyat with Absolute Nature 3, Absolute Structures and AtmosFear 3:

I also recommend Absolute Scopes from the same modder if you have a widescreen display.

AtmosFear 3

AtmosFear 3 is the most interesting and impressive modification that enhances visuals and game-play, the blow-outs (aka emissions) are jaw-droppingly cool, but really have to be seen in motion to fully appreciate. (Blow-outs are a lethal environmental mechanic in CoP, the player needs to take cover during them, and their effect is to refresh the world, cause zombification in NPCs and respawn artifacts.)

A high degree of configurability is provided by means of an in-game menu.


I haven't had any crashes in about 100 hours of play with this setup.

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