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Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part II

Continuing from Subtlety of Thay Walkthrough - Part I

This is quite an enjoyable campaign.. the writing is EZ to digest and it feels like a real DM is presenting it rather than an aspiring novelist. Hence, it feels like D&D.

   G L A R O N D A R  

Glarondar... the city where I was hired to recover the amulet lost during the robbery...
My traveling companions are through with this mission. We say our goodbyes and they're all too anxious to be done.
I wonder if this journey was worth the sum of gold they earned. I have a feeling they'll stick to guarding merchant caravans for a while. 
There's a lot to see and do in town... and the day is early.

Merchant Quarter aka Visitor's Ward. Ok, your companions have left the party.. flying solo now. You start off at the southern gates. Enter the City Watch building and inform the Glarondar guard inside that you have completed Captain Borgen's task to recover the amulet (Lawful +1). He will admit you to see Borgen. A cutscene will show that Borgen is good-natured and well-liked by his soldiers.

• Inform Borgen of the recovery of the amulet and he will direct you to museum curator Liam for your reward (Main Quest: Recover the Amulet).
• Next, show Borgen the note you found in the Dragonjaw cave and he will send you to investigate Zuma, a merchant in town (Main Quest: Who is Zuma?). He will also suggest looking for work in town.

—There is a locked door that leads upstairs to the second floor of the Watch building (DC-27, Chaotic +3). You really have no business being here at this stage but it doesn't break anything if you kill the guards and loot the place. This will save you a trip later, too.
It's possible to sneak in and out under the effects of stealth or invisibility.
—Don't forget to use Thieves' Tools to buff your Open Lock skill.
Armoire: Wand of Frost, Sleep scroll. Lockbox (DT/OL: DC-21/28, Chaotic +3): Tax Records, 265 GP (tax money), Composite Shortbow +1, Spiderskin scroll.
Hold onto the records: they are a quest item.

The Marketplace. Take your leave of the building and stroll over to the center of town. A few merchants have set up stalls here: Mikhail, Malanta & Roya. You can win 100 GP from Rakta the ogre if you pass his three simple challenges (190 XP).
Be an ass to Mikhail for Chaotic +1.
Try to bribe a guard at the north gate for Evil +1.

Daft Dancer Inn. There is not much to do here at the moment. You can learn about what's going on in the town through Murdock the innkeeper. You can also rest upstairs. There are many half-orcs currently staying at the inn, led by Ogol Khan, who has traveled south with the goal of founding a half-orc nation in their ancestral lands, nearby. We'll be catching up with the half-orcs in due time.

Quest: In Line With Thieves. The Red Light brothel is just south of the market. Speak with Vincento at the bar and ask him about work. Turns out he's the leader of the Thieves Guild in Glarondar. Your job is to pick up a package for Vincento from Shady Shamrock in the museum, just across the street.

• Shady is standing in the corner of a room in the southwest of the museum.. looking pretty shady. You may need to unlock a door to get to him (DC-18). Of course, he isn't in possession of the package, the Tax Records.. he wants you to get them. But we already got them from the second floor of the Watch, remember?
• Tell Shady you have the records and he will request his share. Take your pick:
a. Tell him there were no records there and you will get out of coughing up the 50 GP finder's fee (Bluff DC-20, 300 XP).
b. Talk him down to halving the finder's fee (Diplomacy DC-15, 300 XP. -25 GP).
Fail your social check and you simply pay the full fee of 50 GP. No biggie.
Note: Shamrock is also a vendor, a fence.
• Return to Vincento and deliver the records (200 XP). He lets you keep the tax money and hints at future dealings.
Don't tell on Shady for Lawful +1. 
Tell on Shady for Chaotic +1.

Main QuestRecover the Amulet. While in the museum you would have bumped into curator Liam in the entry chamber. Give him the amulet and he will applaud you and be enchanted by it...

• ... so much so, that he completely ignores you and wanders off into the weaponry exhibit. Follow him in there, press him for a reward, and he will refer you back to Borgen at the Watch.
• Before you leave show Liam the Tattered Journal you found in the graveyard, penned by a Yuirwood priest. Liam will offer you 100 GP for it.
a. Accept the payment and be on your way (50 XP, 100 GP).
b. DC-16 Appraise. Insist it's worth more (65 XP, 150 GP).
c. Tell him you'll find another buyer (it seems neither Zuma nor marketplace vendors will buy this. I'm not sure who does.)
To the west of this position is a small room with an archive placeable that seems to be hiding a door. Ignore it for now.
For a lil' utility XP you can unlock the other doors in the museum: DCs 12, 15, 18, 18.
Completed QuestThe Dead Religion, Documented.

Important note: I am not returning to Borgen for my reward because he won't have it, anyway.. well, not until the main quest is advanced. Instead, I'm going to do some side-questing in town followed by the Who is Zuma? quest.

—A Temple of Ilmater is located nextdoor to the whorehouse...
• For a modest fee you may receive various blessings in the shrines dedicated to several FR deities: Torm, Hoar, Umberlee, Selune, Valkur, Chauntea. Blessings are simply buffs that wear off after a certain time, or when you rest. I'm not sure of the exact spell cast by the priests, but here is their effect and alignment shift:
—Blessing of Torm: +AC, Lawful +1, Good +1.
—Blessing of Hoar: Con +1, Lawful +1.
—Blessing of Ilmater: Immunity: Death Magic, Damage Immunity Increased (Negative), Immunity: Negative Level, Immunity: Ability Decrease, Lawful +1, Good +1.
—Blessing of Selune: Damage Reduction, Spell Immunity, Concealed, Good +1, Chaotic +1.
—Blessing of Chauntea: ?, Good +1.
You may rest in the northeastern room. Rolfe and his sick daughter are in here. Give them 100 GP for Good +10.
Quest: The Temple Debacle. Inquire into work through High Priestess Daine. She requests you help her deal with the brothel that is dumping garbage on the sacred site between the two buildings. She wants the brothel shut down.

• You will need to convince people that it's the right thing to do using Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate (DC-12). Just run around town convincing people until your journal updates.
 Return to Daine and inform her of your success. She wishes you to head over to the brothel and request that Vincento clean up the burial site.
a. Use Diplomacy (DC-20) to convince Vincento to hand over the burial site to the temple (50 XP, Good +1).
b. Threaten Vincento for Chaotic +1. He will refuse to cooperate, and then have his bouncer throw you out onto the street.

• Regardless of whether you succeed or fail here, when you return to Daine she wants to appeal to a higher authority to have the brothel shut down. That means Captain Borgen.
• Head over to the Watch and request Borgen move on the brothel. He is reluctant as it may adversely affect Watch morale.
• Report this to Daine, who has another idea.. namely, sabotaging the inn's liquor reserves (which supplies the brothel). The crafty ol' priestess gives you the key to the inn's back door.
• Skip over to the Daft Dancer inn and gain entry via the back door. Inside, smash five of the keg racks and your journal should update. Outside, slay the thugs who came to get you.
• Report your success to the High Priestess in order to cap off this quest (150 XP). The reward is a batch of potions. Completed Quest: The Temple Debacle.
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x3, Potion of Lesser Restoration, Potion of Shield of Faith.

—Back outside you will see that the brothel has been boarded up as a result of our handiwork. Ok, it's time to look into the Zuma situation...

Continued in Part III..

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