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  1. Ever play Xenonauts? Kind of simplistic and not perfect, but lots of turn-based strategy fun. X-Com memories.

    1. No, I haven't. I'll check it out.

  2. Hi Lilura big fan of your blog. Are you planning to do an Arcanum retrospective at some point? I am currently playing it for the first time and would like to see your thoughts.

    1. Hi, and thanks! An Arcanum retrospective is not in the pipeline at this point, though, like all Troika releases, it certainly calls for coverage. That said, you can probably find some random remarks on Arcanum by searching for it in the "Looking for Something? search field.

      It's never been out of my top 5 RPGs, so I do regard it very highly, overall.

  3. Hi Lilura! Very nice blog you have and thank you for posting. It's being very helpful and insightful. BTW, what are your thoughts on the upcoming "Pathfinder: Kingmaker"?

  4. Hi Lilura, I hesitate to offer criticism on an excellent (nigh on invaluable) blog, and it's nothing to do with the content, merely the format. However, the sheer scale of the polls you're currently undertaking means it's a damned nuisance scrolling down to any actual content - and on every screen. I'm fairly sure you'll sympathise, having just read your critique of the Infinity Engine (and its successors) and the massive scrolling that needs to be undertaken to see a full list of sale items in Sorcerous Sundries (for example).

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not damning the polls themselves - they're not only of interest, but also broaden knowledge of what's out there - just their location. Could they be side-barred, perhaps?

    I mention this purely from the desire to get to your luvverly blog itself (is that ingratiating enough?).

    1. Just for you, Stagmeister. :)

  5. Thank you - thou art a diamond - and I can now tell you that much more quickly! :)

  6. StagmeisterJanuary 09, 2018

    Hello, hope you're well,

    I'm playing nicely there because I may get incendiary now. Full party control and strategy cam is a bad idea for NwN1. The 'R' in RPG is there for a reason. And in which of the multiverses would you get to not merely encourage but definitively dictate what your companions should do in every circumstance? If there's a problem there, (and I'll admit that there is) it's with the AI, and nothing to do with the intrinsic controlling nature of the player. The same applies to strategy cam - are we as an RPG community saying it's important for us to see things as would an eagle? Now, if mages had to way to do that...but I digress.

    One of the toughest things I had to contend with when coming to NwN from Baldur's Gate was the absence of a full party - which could effectively compensate for my PC's deficiencies, but you learn. Now, should I play the OC, I'll solo it - primarily because the AI is so crappy, not because I feel the need to power-play it (and probably SoU/HoTU, unless I go for Deekin for flavour). Certainly, it's never been an issue in Aielund, for example, where I think you loose a lot of enjoyment from the campaign if you solo.

    Full party control and strategy cam both seem to me to be akin to a coward's way out. But what do I know, I've only been playing for three years.

    Please consider the floodgates open...


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