Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Rabble

Just a friendly reminder to those who have posted against me on public venues over the last year or so: in the sphere of Infinity, Aurora and Electron — in comparison to me — each and every one of you are literal non-entities; Nothings.

I am an individual and you constitute naught but a rabble. Do you know what a rabble is? To put one of my favorite words in contemptuous context, here are a few choice and concise extracts from English literature:

The meane and inferiour subjectes, even the rascall rable and multitude
None but the noisy rabble love to hear anything scurrilous or railing
The devil makes use of scoundrels and rabble, beggars and vagabonds
There is always an abundance of excitable rabble to be got for a drink of whiskey
I narrowly escaped the insolence of an inraged rabble

Oh, and the one I coined myself:

The rabble of Beamdog butterflies

Doesn't paint a flattering picture, does it? But this is what you are: weak people that gather together in a crowd in order to target a strong individual. The rabble is cowardly. Members that constitute the rabble wouldn't dare take on that individual themselves, one-on-one. Only in numbers do they have the courage. The ephemeral support of random people whom they do not know, coming in the form of petty votes and emoticons, spurs them on and emboldens them into saying things that wouldn't otherwise pop into their addled heads.

The mere mention that I am female with a master's degree in English, is enough to trigger the rabble into posts symptomatic of butthurt. Then, when citations of my unequaled commentary are thrown in their faces, they enter into a state of unbridled buttmadness.

Vulgar name-calling and general nastiness ensues, but the neckbeards are so impotent and their feelings of inadequacy are laid bare for all to see. I blush in embarrassment for them; it's just pure jealousy.

Remember, rabble: I am read, you are not. I have King Content, you have forum shitposts. My blog is on an ever-steepening incline, you are stagnating and doing nothing.

As I have implied and will now state outright: in this sphere, I am better than you and have more clout. Deal with it.

I have been a warrior for Infinity, Aurora and Electron engine content, and I won't stop until I drop. I leave the rabble to its laughably limited devices; to gibber and jabber about "that Lilura person" as it sits in its own filth with its collective thumb up its ass.


• To the bottom-feeder modders who have posted against me on public venues (jumped on the rabble bandwagon in order to score a few cheap votes and emoticons): I have removed links to your garbage from my blog. Nothing of value has been lost. That will teach you a lesson.

• I have removed the following from the preface of my prime NWN write-up:

NWN is also famous for its robust multi-player component: Persistent Worlds, DMability, Coop, PvP and native Linux support means it towers over other titles in regards to the social aspect. Recent attempts by current gen devs at recreating what NWN offered in this respect have been rather puerile in comparison.

Why? Because my agenda is only to promote the single-player game. The PW operators and MPers love to devalue single-player in order to promote their petty PWs; they miss no opportunity in doing so; they spam public venues in order to populate their creepy little communities. Thus, they can all go and jump into a lake of fire and acid. Exhibit A of weirdos/creeps.

• Likewise, I have removed all mention of Beamdog's EE from my prime NWN write-up.


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