Tuesday, 10 April 2018

RPG Codex: Doesn't Scale to Your Level

I would like to give the RPG Codex a plug; not that it needs it but it's the right thing to do because they have been tolerant of my intolerance. And because it's the best online community for in-depth discussion on RPGs.

Beamdog butterflies, RPG Watch scrubs, and most redditors, are shit-scared of the 'Dex because they would be ripped a new asshole by its gifted trolls, who are heroes on the 'Dex — no doubt a startling revelation to the thin-skinned who inhabit such safe space echo chambers.

And yet, despite my run-ins with a few trolls (thank you to even the nastiest), the RPG Codex has been less unaccepting of me than any other online community (at least, so far). Take the following remarks for example:



Infinitron is Editor-In-Chief of the 'Dex. He is dispassionate and level-headed, but holds different views to me on the worth of current gen Obsidian. While that's a pity, I think the 'Dex has inclined on his watch.


VentilatorOfDoom once gifted me a "dumbfuck" tag: it hurt my feelings. Also, he infamously called the Aielund Saga "Shitlund Saga". VoD is a journo and a moderator.


Lacrymas is a princely poster but he plays post-MotB Obsidian games too much.


Kyl Von Kull is a creative poster hovering around the level of Grimwulf. Well, he could be if he didn't talk about Obsidian games so much.

I almost never agree with Lhynn, but I respect his viewpoints and consistency. Lhynn is big on BG2. He also doesn't particularly like Pillars of Eternity, which suits me just fine.


DarkUnderlord is the owner of the site. The above screencap was basically my welcome to the 'Dex. Sort of set the tone. Make of it what you will.


Those are just a few characters on the RPG Codex. There are scores of good posters there. I love the 'Dex. It's helped me lift my blogging game. Can't say that about other RPG communities. If I ever burn out on blogging, I'll probably still post there. Thus, I want to give back by giving them a plug. If you haven't already, go and become a member now.


  1. You should have added the link to the threads on rpgcodex, it would have been fun.


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