Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Evidence of Unfair Beamdog Influence on Public Venues r/baldursgate and r/neverwinternights


I recommend not ever posting on r/baldursgate, r/neverwinternights or the Beamdog forums.

Such "communities" (if you want to call them that) are controlled by Beamdog toadies who have done nothing for either community and know nothing about the games.

Have you noticed how they don't engage in the conversations? How they only post when they are ban-threatening people?

Make no mistake: they moderate subs for one reason and one reason alone: control.

Control of a rabble.

Notice how RPG Codex moderators, admins and journos participate in conversations and debates? And never ban people or even threaten to? Massive difference.


Seemingly, it is not enough that Beamdog control the criticisms of NWN:EE on Steam and on their own forums: they must also seek to control the impartial reddit communities, too, which results in the reddits becoming increasingly biased towards Beamdog and their EEs.

How byassed all human actions are!
If he were a Biassed and Partiall writer
When to Sin our byast Nature leans
To biace Gods immortal truth to the fantasies of mortall Princes
Beware of being byassed with carnall and corrupt affections
If his judgment had not been biassed by his passions
Artists are seldom good critics of art, because their own practice biasses them, and they are not disinterested

• First, my critical post:

• Reacting without thinking, the unwashed rabble run to Beamdog's defense, pitchforks raised. Butthurt downvoting ensues. Things get nasty. The moderator steps in to calm the enraged slack-jawed yokels.

• However, when presented with the opportunity, the moderator does not bother to make even tongue-in-cheek assurances to the effect that the reddit he controls is not biased:

(permalink / permalink)

The word "cowardly" comes to mind. "Charisma of a toad", too.

• Further evidence of Beamdog influence on that reddit: solicitation in PM of support for Beamdog from that same moderator of r/baldursgate:


The word "toadie" comes to mind.

As you can see, there is no reply: I ignored it because I was never willing to go "full-ally" with Beamdog (due to my wariness of what they did to Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale).

• Evidence of deletion of provoking of me by Beamdog PR (you can view deleted reddit comments with basic Googling).

◦ First, the double standard: Beamdog PR are allowed to spam the reddit weekly, but commentators are "spammers" for posting once in a blue moon:

(Post subsequently deleted by PR: proof.)

◦ Then, Beamdog PR links to my banning on an external site (the Beamdog forums) in an attempt to make me "look bad" and get the rabble mad:

(Post subsequently deleted by PR: proof.) (Also, I never removed comments from my blog about my banning on the Beamdog forums; I didn't even post about it.)

This is just poor form by Beamdog PR. Why don't they have the guts to stand by their words? Why delete the posts? I deleted none of my posts but Beamdog PR deleted theirs, and the insolent rabble went crazy deleting theirs, too. Once the moderator stepped in. Check out all the deletions — amusing! Again, the word "cowardly" comes to mind.

• Evidence of "support" for me on r/neverwinternights, despite the critical links ("support", in that the rabble of Beamdog butterflies weren't able to downvote me much):

Update: Beamdog moderators have finally decided to remove the above. I guess they don't really "appreciate" a disgusting joke all that much anymore? Proof it existed:

The word "slimeballs" comes to mind. 

• Evidence of my history of general approval/conversation-stimulating contributions to r/baldursgate, pre-EE criticism:

33 upvotes (6 comments), 47 upvotes (22 comments), 33 upvotes (13 comments), 24 upvotes (5 comments), 31 upvotes (4 comments), 42 upvotes (12 comments), 24 upvotes (13 comments), 37 upvotes (20 comments), 47 upvotes (28 comments), 61 upvotes (40 comments), 26 upvotes (18 comments), 56 upvotes (79 comments), 61 upvotes (52 comments), 19 upvotes (24 comments), 22 upvotes (33 comments), 39 upvotes (14 comments), 30 upvotes (12 comments), 40 upvotes (16 comments), 21 upvotes (12 comments), 25 upvotes (10 comments).

Of course, such contributions are irrelevant if you're not a Beamdog supporter. Criticize Beamdog or their EEs? Prepare to be downvoted, called the most vulgar of names and ban-threatened — on what are supposed to be impartial reddits for discussion and debate — not just on the "Enhanced" Editions — but also on the original and authoritative versions of Infinity, Aurora and Electron RPGs which have been standard for what is approaching two decades. I mean, the reddits are not called r/baldursgateenhancededition and r/neverwinternightsenhancededition, are they. If they were, I wouldn't even bother posting on them.

• Evidence of my history of non-solicited support for Beamdog, neverwintervault.org and NWN in general; unself-promoting, in that I wasn't linking to my blog but to other sites:

Neverwinter Nights is 15 years old (99 upvotes, 29 comments)
Trailer is up for Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition (130 upvotes, 54 comments)
◦ Neverwinter Nights is FREE on GoG (210 upvotes, 31 comments)
Neverwinter Nights is FREE on GoG (102 upvotes, 22 comments)

See that, right there? That is putting your blog on the side and going out of your way to promote the community.

• How about I cite my history of promotion of custom content that I have deemed to be top-tier? But that would be endless because I have been a warrior for such — on multiple public venues, not just my blog. Even someone on the Beamdog forums can see that:

And yet, I was attacked on the Beamdog forums by people that can cite no history of promotion of others' works, or NWN in general. They are just a rabble of butterflies that flit about in Beamdog's l'il garden; they know Jack about NWN.

Please note that the custom content creators whose works I have promoted have never requested that I do so. I have gone hard promoting their works because their works are considered by me to be the best. And I want my readers to experience the best that NWN has to offer.


At any rate, I never wanted to use my blog to highlight the inadequacies of communities or some public relations outfit. I was provoked on multiple venues; the sum-total of provocation was impudent to the extreme. I'm sick and tired of commentating on Beamdog and their EEs. Instead, I return to blogging about my passion: the original and authoritative versions of Renaissance RPGs. It's time to get back to what I enjoy.




  1. Yeah, let's return for the original purpose of the blog. There are still many games you want to cover.

    1. The question is, which game should I cover next? Any ideas?

    2. How about Pillars of Eternity or Tyranny? Would be cool to hear your thoughts on modern isometric rpg

    3. Not interested in PoE. While I did cover some Tyranny ((7 parts)), and while I did review Underrail (both isometric), I now want the blog to strictly adhere to a Renaissance era (1996-2010) treatment range (which constitutes 95% of the coverage already). I'm thinking Arcanum, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Gothic/2, Fallout/2 or Vamp Bloodlines.

      Rather than full coverage (like a boring-ass walkthrough/guide), I'm looking at more focused coverage; stuff other people generally don't write about, such as role-playing reactivity. Or perhaps comparison write-ups.

      Or maybe return to one of my many incomplete write-ups. It sometimes gets to me that I have abandoned so many of them after setting a solid foundation (but at least they stand as decent starting-points).

      Or maybe I'll start posting fan-fic. j/k

    4. How about Vampire the Masquerade Redemption then? It was first game done by VtM setting, but it was severely overshadowed by VtMB. And it's isometric

    5. What's so good about it, though? (I've never played it.)

    6. Its extremely cheesy in term of writing, it has almost all vampire powers from tabletop (through you only play as Brujah, but powers are not clan restricted). I wouldn't say its masterpiece pf game design, but it quite enjoyable

    7. Just out of curiosity, why are you not interested in PoE? I know it's sort of controversial game in rpg community for many reasons, but as we seem to share the same taste for infinity engine games, I'm more interested in your view.

    8. Just a few reasons:

      • PoE was released in 2015. My blog's treatment range starts with Diablo (1996) and ends with Warband (2010)

      • PoE is a crowdfunded Kickstarter game. I don't want to cover games made by beggars who then let them be shaped by a rabble

      • PoE is a cheap knock-off of and cash-in on Baldur's Gate (1998)

      • PoE is overrated by the public and often spruiked on news sites by uncritical journos

      • Many people whose opinions I respect have nothing positive to say about it

      • Many people whose opinions I disrespect have nothing negative to say about it

      • The PoE community is filled with pretentious people. I haven't seen so much fake literati since the days of Planescape: Torment (1999)

    9. To expand on point one, a blog without a focused treatment range is dead.

      "Lilura1 — Commentary & Criticism on the original and authoritative incarnations of Renaissance-era Role-playing games"

      • 2000: 1868 votes
      • 2002: 1230 votes
      • 1998: 1022 votes
      • 1999: 805 votes
      • 2003: 568 votes
      • 2001: 548 votes

      In regards to that poll, from a purely viewership PoV, there is no reason not to just expand and refine BG2 coverage above all. Of course, I won't be doing that because it's boring and I'm not all about "the views", but it's still important to maintain consistency of coverage, and strict and uncompromising adherence to the core of the Renaissance era is the only way to do that. :)

    10. Well I would be interested in your blogpost and view of PoE just for these very reasons you mentioned you won't be posting it. Most gaming reviews don't really delve deep into rpg mechanics while I tend to avoid reading endless sh*tposts on rpgcodex. It's nice to have a blogger open up and be critical about any game. But naturally it's your blog and you set your own terms, the content you have is quite interesting anyway.

    11. You make a point in that I could perhaps bring a different angle to PoE commentary; it's just not my cup of tea and doesn't fall into my treatment range.

      And yeah, while the RPG Codex is the best public venue for in-depth discussion on RPGs, there are a lot of shitposters to sift through and it can become tiresome to read some of the threads there. One of the reasons I started a blog in the first place.

      Also, no need to censor the word "shit" on my blog. (Of course, over-use or abusive use of swear words will result in an unpublished comment.)

      Thanks for commenting, axe.

    12. Lilura,
      Ever since I found your blog, I held out hope for a PoE contribution. I backed the game and it's sequel. Absolutely loved the first. Now, I see that will never happen. :-) I lament that, mostly because you would have done it justice. Please take that in the complimentary tone it is meant to be delivered in.

    13. Thanks, Wayne. Another reason for not covering PoE: I don't want to learn yet another set of rules and mechanics. D&D-based, Troika's trio, Fallout/2, along with the likes of Deus Ex, Gothic, Diablo 2, System Shock 2, Jagged Alliance 2, Wizardry 8, Warband and Silent Storm, are going to keep me busy enough, as is, for the foreseeable future.

    14. That's a hefty load, for sure. I've beaten POE five times, and restarted more than I care to count, and I still haven't mastered the rules and mechanics. I'm more interested in the story of RPGs to be truthful about it, so no-reloaders, solo-masters, Path of the Damned players and the like are looked at with respect. Not really the style I prefer, mostly because it requires a level of skill I'm not willing to invest the effort into developing. If I don't like the story, I wouldn't particularly be interested in the game at all. Anyway, I'm ranting, so I'll cut out now. Cheers, and have a great weekend.

    15. I personally find PoE mechanics as one giant mess. Might governing both physical and magical damage is just idiotic - as it make mage as good of fighter as a caster, and most of classes are just too boring and samey without a lot of interesting feats to take

  2. I would like to see the ToEE Retrospective continued/finished finished first and then maybe a Gothic write-up. If it doesn't get satisfying page views then there is always Arcanum

    1. ToEE is off the cards now because I lost motivation after a power failure caused me to lose a "cut n paste" holding an entire Part III (plus the wizard build). I really need to get myself a UPS to guard against my own stupidity... I mentioned that to Tuth a week ago, actually. So yeah, downer.

      Viewership-wise, this is basically a Baldur's Gate blog. I post on BG, my traffic soars. I post on NWN, comparatively fuck-all. Though a few of my prime NWN write-ups were getting solid traffic, pre-EE. Once NWN:EE went on Steam, there was a bit of a boost, but not to any degree that would motivate me to post, if I was just after the views. Which I'm not, and I think my coverage of mods for 20 year old games is solid evidence that I'm not just trying to get views, but instead post on whatever tickles my fancy.

      Will think about Gothic and Arcanum. Not expecting many views. :)

  3. Sometimes I wish I could wake up from this nightmare where Beamdog is running around and ruining my favourite games.

    Anyway, I really look forward to whatever you write about, especially about BG (first one), PS:T or Fallout. As for different games, Gothic is the one I'm also very fond of and I would like to share my observation:
    Both BG and Gothic were developed alongside with their engines and they share a characteristic of having quite a bit of stuff unfinished . I always wondered what was cut from Larswood location, since it's even is labelled on the map and what was the purpose of the arena on the road to the New Camp in Gothic. Maybe I'm just looking too closely into that, though (that aura of mystery).

    Another interesting thing about Gothic is its controls and combat system. Although quite strange at first, I find it very well thought out and logical, even though it's quite often regarded as clunky (those who call it like that should play Soul Reaver on a keyboard - love the game, but the controls require some patience).

    1. Could you expand on that Larswood location thing?

      And yes, there is nothing wrong with Gothic's controls: I have noticed that the people who complain about them are generally retarded.

      PS:T is the only Infinity Engine game that I haven't posted a write-up for. Of course, I will ignore the existence of the EE and only cover the original version patched to 1.1 by Black Isle Studios. Because, you know, it has been standard for almost two decades.

    2. What I meant was that if you look at the world map in BG, some locations have names. Larswood is the case where there is very little 'content'. I love exploring the woods and other wild areas, but I wonder whether there was something more to that place. There's even a ruined tower in the south. That's what I meant when I mentioned the aura of mystery. It's not a bad thing, I actually like that sort of stuff.

    3. Yeah, I see your point now: that not everything has to be spelled out and explained. While the mystery surrounding that area may have been unintentional/a product of dev-cycle limitations, there is actually quite a lot left to the player's imagination in the original Baldur's Gate, which I think is intentional. And I dislike the in-your-face geographical-political-historical-cultural loredumps that have become commonplace in current gen RPGs. Total turn-off.

      (Admittedly, you could certainly dig into AD&D literature in order to find out more than just what the item descriptions tell you, but most people just RTFM and play the game. At least, I did. And the wilderness exploration in BG is one of its highlights; also, to my mind, its prime advantage over BG2.)

    4. Exactly, and this characteristic BG shares with Gothic in my opinion. Though Gothic's world is not that big, there are certain areas that are shrouded in mystery and make you wonder, what could be their origin.

      As for BG and its exploration, I find that the freedom in that game is just the right balance, for what I enjoy. You have a sense of direction for the main plot, but nothing stops you from going elsewhere for whatever reason. Plus, since it's a pretty low level gameplay it has that sense of journey where you can reflect on your progress and how much you have changed since the beginning. Again, maybe I'm looking too much into this, but whenever I watch (or read) the Fellowship of the Ring it reminds me of Baldur's Gate in that aspect.

    5. I loved the sense of journeying in BG, too, and I don't think its journeying being reminiscent of the Fellowship is out of place.

      Those far-flung ARs felt remote because, as you know, you actually had to travel, map by map, to get there (whereas BG2 has a "fast-travel" thing going on).

      The barren far-flung ARs with no quests in them were some of the most immersive, imo; at least, on a first playthrough when you don't know what's going to be there.


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