Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Sherincall's Shaders: Tinted placeables, dynamic skyboxes, wind effects and dynamic snow, transforms

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Sherincall's Shaders: Tinted placeables, dynamic skyboxes, wind effects, dynamic snow, transforms admin and builder, Fester Pot, PM'd me a few links to Sherincall's shader work for NWN:

Very impressive. That first one is just a generic BioWare tree; there are of course more realistic tree and other placeables to tint. Apparently, wind is able to affect water in order to make waves, variable current and vortices. Update: dynamic snow (it's an mp4; right-click-open to play or view on YouTube).

Model transforms:



  1. Ooohhh that's really cool! I'll have to revisit my series yet again when these new effects are released.

    1. I'd like to wield true metallic weapons, like gleaming scimitars. :P

    2. Yes I want bloom effects on my shiny things! I think that involves specular mapping, which is something they're working on now.

    3. I hope artists don't waste time making toon shaders (like in that third pic); I deplore that "style" in games.

  2. Fantastic! Can't wait to see this stuff in action.


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