Wednesday, 22 March 2017

An Adorable Portrait

One evening I found myself browsing Pinterest late into the night (sipping wine of course) and came across an adorable portrait that someone had uploaded. I searched for the original source and found out that it was painted by SQWID of DeviantArt, entitled Heya, It's Me! Check it out!

Isn't it just adorable? Now, it's not quite suitable as an in-game portrait, in my opinion (different style), but it captures her fun-loving, care-free (BG1) personality so well that I just had to share it with the readers here.

Here are the original portraits for Imoen (BG1/BG2):

Next post: Time in Fallout.



  1. Nice! I'miei a great fan of "custom portraits"... and I am happy when I find those that are close to the original style.
    They are few unfortunately!

    Nice pic, a lot better than BG2 one (I didn'ti like that "dreadlock mania" XD)

    1. I forgot to mention a thing: the best custom portraits for BG1 and 2 in my opinion are those made by Isandir and Enkida's Portrait Pack. I think that these are the ones that better blend with the originals.

    2. Yep, the BG2 Imoen is a downgrade and I love Enkida's Balthazar.

    3. Agree, it's another portrait that is better than the original!

      It's a shame that for the BG 1/2 Enhance editions they added new portraits in a totally different style... ok, I like Jason Manley's works and those portraits he made for IWD, but these don't fits with the originals. At all.

    4. It's better but I haven't seen the original above thumbnail size.

      Very important to maintain the style, I think. That's really tough to do, though.

      You probably already know about the portrait bundles on the Neverwinter Vault: More portraits than one can shake a stick at! I don't have the links handy but they are all on my HDD somewhere...

    5. here's the original Balthazar(someone made a resize of original portrait)

      Yeah, I know, but for some reason BG portraits will always be the "perfect" style (it was my first rpg after the "pixelated art" of Ravenloft and Menzoberranzan)

    6. Oh yeah, that does look like a bit of a rush job. Wow. Definitely looks better as a thumbnail.

      I like the portraits in NWN, too: Companions and Aribeth, for example. Even the generic ones were great, like the elven wizard.


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