Sunday, 10 April 2016

Anonymous users may now post comments

Hi guys!

This is just a short post to announce a change to my blog; in a nutshell: Anonymous users may now post comments.

So yeah, you no longer need to be a member of Google+ to post a comment here.

I have been delighted to read the comments posted by readers since Lilura1's inception; including those of devs, published authors, talented modders and hardcore gamers (some of whom also follow me on Google+). However, I realize that many people out there can't be assed creating such an account just to post comments on a freaking blog.

In addition I have added a Google Friend Followers gadget so that people may easily follow the blog, rather than just me and my Profile (located just below the Google+ Followers gadget, on the right sidebar.)

Both of these changes should have been made long ago, as while this blog gets some hits, the commenting and participation has been comparatively sparse.

Thanks for commenting on my posts and following my blog, one that is focused on the Infinity and Aurora engines and the unparalleled role-playing experiences hosted by them.



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