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The Aielund Saga: Act Four - Part IX

 Tusone Capital City - Myrfell

We stealthily teleport back into Myrfell, ending up just behind the Cathedral.

Okay people, we're not here to see the sights. Let's do what we came to do and get out of here. - Robert.

That's right - the other districts and buildings are off-limits, anyway.

Remember, we're here for Osric. Do try to avoid any needless killing.. - Nellise.

We approach the entrance to Myrfell Palace.

This place is off-limits to you. Begone. - Tusonite Royal Guard.

We can simply kick down the Palace door and kill off the royal guards, but that hardly seems noble or the elegant solution, now - does it..?

We look around, searching for ideas..

On the northern end of the Palace is a foreman and three laborers, busily repairing it...

I get them to leave (+2000 EXP)...

... then set the lumber alight and run off, giggling, to hide behind the Palace, where we wait to see what unfolds..

One of the workers returns to the scene...

Sacre bleu! FIRE! FIRE! - Worker.

Several royal guards exit the Palace to see what all the fuss is about.

While they busily extinguish the fire, we sneak into the Palace behind their backs.

+5000 EXP

Myrfell Palace

Well, that wasn't too hard. But I still expect a lot more guards up ahead. - Robert.

Level Up to 31!

(Epic Characters)

Lilura: Champion of Torm (15) / Paladin (12)/ Fighter (4)
Nellise: Cleric (29) / Paladin (2)
Robert: Fighter (31) 
Terinus: Wizard (30) - no level up script

His (Osric's) chambers are through that door if I recall correctly. - Nellise.

A guard looks through a slot in the door and says 'You cannot pass'. - DM.

Terinus casts Knock on the door, I open it, and then Terinus insta-kills the three royal guards with Weird.

In the next room stand three Tusonite Commanders, strategizing. Terinus launches Incendiary Cloud into the room, then points his finger at one of the commanders, insta-killing him. I clean up the scraps. Only one commander corpse can be looted for Elite Chevalier Armor +5 (Piercing resist 5/-) and Chevalier Warhammer +5.

Palace Level 2

Robert and I take on three more royal guards the conventional way, just outside the dining hall.

Say what you will about Osric, he has good taste. We still gotta kill him though, no question. - Robert.

Tusonite vintage is looted from a wine cabinet.

As we head north along a passageway, nine royal guards charge us from the other end. Terinus withers 'em with Horrid Wilting...

... then zaps em with Chain Lightning...

... and then Nellise finishes them off with Storm of Vengeance and Fire Storm...

Their screams of anguish and pain reverberated through the many halls of the Palace.. 

Off this main passageway is Osric's bedroom with an Adamantium Vault set firmly into the wall, but we don't yet know the combination. We loot an armoire of royal attire and robe, then continue heading north up the passageway.

In the northwest of this floor is a library, an armory and a treasury.
  • Library: Improved Invisibility, Elemental Shield, Bigby's Clenched Fist, various lore books.
  • Armory: Halberd +5, Halberd +4, Halberd +3, Spear +5 (2), Spear +4 (2), Warhammer +5, Chevalier Armor (8), Chevalier Helm (8), Flaming Arrows (396), Armor Piercing Bolts (396).
  • Treasury: +250,000 GP sprinkled generously on the floor and in six coffers. The DC-55 safe contains: Diamond (3), Emerald (2), Ruby (3), Lesser Ioun Stone: Pink (CON +2), Lesser Ioun Stone: Pale Blue (STR +2), Lesser Ioun Stone: Deep Red (DEX +2), Lesser Ioun Stone: Pink and Green (CHA +2).

Oh look, here's my retirement pay. - Robert Black.

This must be the left over gold from Osric's ill-gotten gains. - Nellise.

The six coffers are filled with gold
In another bedroom a drunken nobleman - who looks strikingly similar to Osric - mistakes us for mere maids.

Just take the chamberpot and leave some more wine, maid. - Drunken Nobleman.

We ignore him, and descend to the third level.

Palace Level 3

We shrug off two royal guards on our approach to the Saqaarin Dreadnought (ie, Adamantium Golem).

Intruders! Golem, destroy them! - Osric.

(Osric scurries into a makeshift bedroom to join Criosa.)

The Dreadnought is a beast - one can grow old waiting for colossal tanks like this to finally fall... (+1190 EXP).

We now confront Osric.

My word! This place is most unseemly! - Nellise. (There is a whip in the room)

Osric is brimming with confidence, what with the Saqaarin relics he wields (his blade is similar to if not the same as the one Seamus wielded)..

En Garde! - Osric.

Veronique almost immediately comes to Osric's aid, unleashing Epic Spell: Mummy Dust and Epic Spell: Greater Ruin.

I told you to STAY AWAY FROM OSRIC! Now you will suffer the consequences. - Veronique.

Despite toting relics of the Saqaarin and buffing with Epic Spell: Epic Warding, it doesn't take overly long to reduce Osric to Neath Death status (I inflict 28 damage increase dmg per crit that bypasses ES: EW, and that's if he manages to cast it), at which point:

Don't send me away Veronique! I can beat them! Noooo! - Osric.

Osric is teleported out of harm's way by Veronique just as Robert says something badass to him and Nellise Mass Heals us.

Veronique - a wizard with Pale Master levels - calls down Meteor Swarm as I'm caught in the grasp of her Bigby's Crushing Hand.

Terinus now insta-kills Veronique with Weird

Veronique has some tricks up her sleeve, though. She comes back to life and casts another Meteor Swarm even as Terinus unleashes Prismatic Spray. On her last legs and in desperation, she casts Horrid Wilting and IGMS, but they don't stop the mighty sword-blow that drops her dead (+1330 EXP, Searing Kiss +7 (+2d6 Neg-en, Keen, vamp regen +10], Ring of the Phoenix [Regen +4, Resurrection [13]).

We learn from Terinus that Osric was no doubt teleported to the Ebon Tower, but that it would take him several weeks to bypass the wards blocking entry to it. Anyway, we have reduced Osric back to the weakling he is and have bigger fish to fry, though first we must find the immensely important documents and books that he stole from the Vault!

Criosa now temp-joins so that we may escort her out of the basement and back to Blackwood Tower.

Palace Level 2

Back upstairs, we now give some wine to the drunken nobleman (Osric's cousin) in return for the combination to the Adamantium safe in Osric's room.

Inside the safe we find: Stolen Saqarin tome, Stolen Saqarin documents, Birth record, Rod of Resurrection (13). We're too dumb to understand anything but the Birth record, which is actually quite interesting. It seems Osric is not the true King of Tusone - that drunkard is!

We now give Sebastian a reason to give up drinking. With Osric's life ruined, we take our leave (+3500 EXP).

Palace Level 1 

En route to the exit, Nellise implodes the Master-At-Arms (+300 EXP, Adamantium Helm [DR 10/+7, True Seeing], Ring of Protection +7, Sightblinder +5 bastard sword [+5 piercing dmg, Keen, on-hit DC-26 Blindness, 2d6 mass crits], Lesser Force Shield of the Ancients +8 [25% resist bludg/pierce/slash, on-hit 2% Chaos Shield lvl3]) and three royal guards (Elite Chevalier Armor [3], Chevalier Helm [3]).

We exit the Palace and take the portal back to the Blackwood Tower.

The Tower of Blackwood Glade

Terinus informs us that if we wish to find anti-Saqaarin weapons, then we must travel to other planes of existence.

Terinus and Criosa now exchange words, probably for the last time..

We farewell dear Criosa, who must leave now to take up the mantle at Fairloch. *big hug*

The Hall of Worlds!


  1. "I inflict 28 damage increase dmg per crit that bypasses ES: EW, and that's if he manages to cast it"

    It's funny how much that "damage increase" effect can "break" parts of the game.

    "The DC-55 safe contains:"

    How'd you unlock it? Was it Terinus or did you need to bring Criosa back up to pick the lock?

    1. I'm pretty sure Terinus unlocked it, but then when I reloaded after checking something else, he simply stubbornly refused to "Knock" it again. The party was also fully rested, so it isn't like he was out of spells. I also could not, for the life of me, cast Knock on it from the Tuxedo of Infiltration (is it not high enough lvl?). So yeah, I just put the DC there cuz I DID use Criosa in the end (for brevity's sake I just didn't mention it).

  2. The safe was un-Knockable for me (I had the spell myself). Not exactly familiar with how Knock works, does it auto-succeed if the lock isn't magically warded, or is there a max DC? I don't think anything came up in the combat log regarding a failed check; just, nothing happened. Criosa was able to lockpick it on the way out though.

    "I inflict 28 damage increase dmg per crit that bypasses ES: EW, and that's if he manages to cast it"

    "It's funny how much that "damage increase" effect can "break" parts of the game."

    Yeah, my experience in that fight was very different. Basically all 3 of my henchmen were focused on Osric while I fought Veronique solo (Pale Master vs Pale Master duel, as by this point I was Sorcerer 21/PM 10). After killing her twice, Osric still hadn't even been reduced to "Badly Wounded" status yet. Curiously he still teleports out, arguing with the already-dead Veronique as it happens.

  3. Also want to add I thought it was kind of hilarious that Epic Spell: Mummy Dust was instantly countered by Level 5 Spell: Dismissal.

  4. Who needs to put points in "Intimidate" when you have Robert Black? *grins and puffs his cigar*

  5. As for the lock, finally my PC got an usage of those +10 lockpicks (2) she was carrying around

  6. Thank God for this walkthrough! The first time I talked to Sebastian I hit a game-breaker of a bug that I wouldn't have known about except for this. Just for fun (seriously---he was falling down drunk!) I tried to pickpocket him and failed, which turned him hostile. He had truly epic HPs and damage resistance---but still went down with something like 738 to go. Got a good dagger out of it but would still be puzzling over my next move if I hadn't been able to look here! Due to a bad save ethic, I had to do this entire section over (from the moment we used the teleporter to get to Tusone. Ouch!

    1. Hi. I've reported this to Balkoth. If you find anything else, pls report it.

  7. I'd just like to add that, if you're a woman pursuing the romance with Robert, Nellise marries you shortly after you arrive in the tower, and it's really cute. You get a wedding ring (that the description tells you you want to hold onto) and a choice of vows, then exit offscreen right for a little off-screen nookie (barely PG, in case you game with your kids). I don't know what happens if you're a male romancing (I think) Criosa.


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